Interactive Content-Aware Zooming

by Pierre-Yves Laffont, Jong Yun Jun, Christian Wolf, Yu-Wing Tai, Khalid Idrissi, George Drettakis, and Sung-eui Yoon.

Accepted at Graphics Inteface 2010

Video (mov, 46MB)

Top: traditional zooming; middle: Retargeting+Zooming; bottom: our Interactive Content-Aware Zooming method. We use the ˇ±power stationˇ± image (7475x1999 pixels) and varying zoom levels. Traditional zooming wastes a lot of screen space at lower zoom levels, with black bands covering most of the screen and a significant loss of resolution (first row, column a). The Retargeting+Zooming approach better utilizes the screen space (second row, column a) but suffers from heavy distortion at higher zoom levels (second row, column d). In comparison, our method shows global, but approximate views for lower zoom levels, and local, but accurate views for higher zoom levels (third row).


We propose a novel, interactive content-aware zooming operator that allows effective and efficient visualization of high resolution images on small screens, which may have different aspect ratios compared to the input images. Our approach applies an image retargeting method in order to fit an entire image into the limited screen space. This can provide global, but approximate views for lower zoom levels. However, as we zoom more closely into the image, we continuously unroll the distortion to provide local, but more detailed and accurate views for higher zoom levels. In addition, we propose to use an adaptive view-dependent mesh to achieve high retargeting quality, while maintaining interactive performance. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed operator by comparing it against the traditional zooming approach, and a method stemming from a direct combination of existing works.


Paper: Interactive Content-Aware Zooming,

author = {Pierre-Yves Laffont and Jong Yun Jun and Christian Wolf and Yu-Wing Tai and Khalid Idrissi and George Drettakis and Sung-eui Yoon},
title = {Interactive Content-Aware Zooming,
Under submission, 10

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