Multi-Resolution Cloth Simulation

by Yongjoon Lee, Sung-Eui Yoon, Seungwoo Oh, Duksu Kim, and Sunghee Choi
(To appear at) Computer Graphics Forum(Pacific Graphics) 2010

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The left figure shows simulation of a dress in a woman, who is not shown in this figure. The right figure shows the multiresolution mesh used to perform the simulation at a particular frame. The original dress mesh has 25 K vertices. By simplifying dynamically smooth regions of the dress mesh, our method achieves 9 times performance improvement by reducing 73.8% of the vertices of the original mesh.


We propose a novel, multi-resolution method to efficiently perform large-scale cloth simulation. Our cloth simulation method is based on a triangle-based energy model constructed from a cloth mesh. We identify that solutions of the linear system of cloth simulation are smooth in certain regions of the cloth mesh and solve the linear system on those regions in a reduced solution space. Then we reconstruct the original solutions by performing a simple interpolation from solutions computed in the reduced space. In order to identify regions where solutions are smooth, we propose simplification metrics that consider stretching, shear, and bending forces, as well as geometric collisions. Our multi-resolution method can be applied to many existing cloth simulation methods, since our method works on a general linear system. In order to demonstrate benefits of our method, we apply our method into four large-scale cloth benchmarks that consist of tens or hundreds of thousands of triangles. Because of the reduced computations, we achieve a performance improvement by a factor of up to one order of magnitude, with a little loss of simulation quality.


Paper: Multi-Resolution Cloth Simulation
Talk slides (Pacific Graphics 2010)
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Cloth Simulation Model

We release our cloth simulation model that we used in the paper.

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