Faculty and Staff

Sung-eui Yoon (윤성의): Associate Professor
Seulkina Kim (김슬기나): Administrative Staff (E3-1, Room: 3430)

Research Associate

Yuchi Huo: Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Topic: High-quality Rendering
  • Graduate Students

    Donghyuk Kim (김동혁): Ph.D. course
  • Topic: Optimal sampling for robot motion planning
  • Recieved the distinguished MS thesis award at KAIST, 2014
  • Soomin Kim (김수민): Ph.D. course
  • Topic: Efficient image filtering for Interactive rendering
  • Youngsun Kwon (권용선), Ph.D. Course, starting from Robotics MS program
  • Topic: Uncertainty aware collision detection
  • Did MS under the Robotics program
  • Taeyoung Kim (김태영): Ph.D. course
  • Topic: Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search, Computer Vision
  • Received Samsung Humantech award, 16
  • Inwoo Ha (하인우): Ph.D. course
  • Topic: Rendering for augmented reality
  • MinCheul Kang (강민철), Ph.D. course starting from Robotics MS program
  • Topic: Integrated planning
  • InKyu An (안인규), Ph.D. course starting from Robotics MS program
  • Topic: 3D Sound Source Localization
  • Woobin Im (임우빈): Ph.D. course
  • Topic: Age estimation using deep learning
  • YoungKi Kwon (권영기)
  • Topic: Image search utilizing semantic information
  • HeeChan Shin (신희찬)
  • Topic: Kinodynamic comfortable trajectory planning
  • Jared Choi (최재원), Robotics Program
    JaeYoon Kim (김재윤)
  • Topic: Image retrieval, Computer Vision
  • ChiWan Song (송치완)
    DoHeon Lee (이도헌)
  • Topic: Acoustic Material Property Estimation
  • TaeEun Hwang (황태운), Robotics Program

    Undergraduate Students


    Alumni: Ph.D.

    Pio Claudio: Ph.D. at 2017
  • Topic: Large-scale metro visualization
  • Received Korean Government Scholarship
  • Joined a Singapore company at his home country, Philippines
    Jae-Pil Heo (허재필): Ph.D. at 2015
  • Topic: Large-scale image retrieval
  • Did summer internship at Adobe, USA
  • Continued on 1 year long post. doc. at the lab
    (Military service has been done during his Ph.D. course)
    Joined ETRI (permanent position) --> moved to SKKU as an assit. prof.
    Bochang Moon (문보창): Ph.D. at 2014
  • Topic: High-quality rendering
  • Did summer internship at Adobe, USA
  • Disney Research
    Bochang will join Disney Research at Edinburgh, Scotland, as post. doc. (Military service has been done during his Ph.D. course)
    Joined GIST as an assist. prof.
    JungHwan Lee (이정환): Ph.D. at 2014
  • Topic: Efficient sampling for motion planning
  • KIST
    (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), as post. doc. (Military service has been done during his Ph.D. course)
    Joined defense related lab. (permanent position)
    Duksu Kim (김덕수): Ph.D. at 2014
  • Topic: Heterogeneous parallel computing and collision detection
  • Received the best paper award at PG 09
    (Korea Institue of Science and Technology Information), in a permanent position (Military service was done before joining KAIST)
    Tae-Joon Kim (김태준): Ph.D. at 2013
  • Topic: High quality rendering for large-scale models
  • Received Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship
  • Performed 6 month-long intern at Microsoft Research Asia, China
  • ETRI
    (Miltary service has been done during his Ph.D. course)

    Alumni: M.S.

    Byungyoon Choi (최병윤), MS at 2017
  • Topic: Artistic controls for rendering
  • Nexon
    JaeHyung Cho (조재형) MS at 2017
  • Topic: Image search w/ localization
  • TMAX
    Jeongsu Yun (윤정수), MS at 2017
  • Topic: interactive rendering
  • Returned to his host company, Samsung
    Woong-Jick Youn (윤웅직), WebST, MS 2016
  • Topic: Large-scale hashing for image search
  • KIDA (Korea Institute of Defense Analysis)
    Yoonseok Lee (이윤석), MS 2016
  • Topic: Classification based on nearest neighbors
  • Naver
    Hyun-chul Yang (양현철), Robotics Program MS at 2016
  • Topic: Uncertainty aware motion planning
  • National Security Research Institute (permanent position)
    Changmin Choi (최창민), WebST MS at 2015
  • Topic: Image search based on group relationship
  • His own start-up
    Myung-Bae Son (손명배): MS at 2015
  • Topic: Cloud computing for large-scale high-quality rendering
  • Went to a game company
    Mingyang Sun MS at 2015
  • Topic: Nearest Neighbor based classification
  • Agricultural Bank of China
    Gayeon Lee (이가연) MS at 2015
  • Topic: Crowd Simulation based on Psychological Theory
  • KyeRyong Technical High School (계룡공업고등학교)
    Myounghwan Seo (서명환), CT, MS at 2014
  • Topic: Importance sampling for high quality rendering
  • Korea Investment and Securities (한국증권) (Military service was done before joining KAIST)
    JungIn Lee (이정인), MS at 2013
  • Topic: Image retrieval and its applications
  • founded his start-up as CTO
    YoungWoon Lee 이영운 (M.S. at 2013)
  • Topic: Binary code embedding for image search
  • Doctoral Fellowship from The Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies
  • Recieved the distinguished MS thesis award at KAIST, 2014
  • Ph.D. Student at USC (University of Southern California)
    HyoSub Park 박효섭 (M.S. at 2013)
  • Topic: Image denoising for rendering
  • ADD (Agency for Defense Development) (Military service, but in permanent position)
    OSung Kwon 권오성 (M.S. at 2013)
  • Topic: Object classification
  • LG CTO (Military service was done before joining KAIST)
    Lin Loi (M.S. at 2013)
  • Topic: Near neighbor search for motion planning
  • Combitech, Sweden
    Jonghyeob Lee, a Ph.D. candidate at 2012 Join TMAX, followed by Kakao
    Jong yun Jun 전종윤 (M.S. at 2011).
  • Detecting image copy using image search
  • Received scholarship from KOSAF
  • DigitalAria (Military Service)
    KunHo Kim 김근호 (M.S. at 2011)
  • Topic: kd-tree construction for image search
  • DigitalAria (Military Service)
    YongYoung Byun 변용영 (M.S. at 2010)
  • Topic: Photon mapping
  • DongYang Systems (Military Service)

    Research Associate

    Peng Du: Postdoctoral Researcher (2014 ~ 2015)
  • Topic: Large-scale Rendering
  • Hangzhou Dianzi University, China
    Assistant Prof.

    Past staff

    HyoJeong Nam (남효정): Administrative Staff, 11/2012 ~ 2/2016 YoungHyun Kim (김영현): Technical staff, 10/2010 ~ 4/2013
    Eunjae Park (박은재): Administrative staff, 4/2008 ~ 10/2012

    Past visitors

    KyungAh Kim (김경아): Undergraduate Research Assistant, 02/11 ~ 10/11.
  • Received Samsung Scholarship for Foreign Advanced Study, 2011
  • Ph.D. student at Univ. of Michigan
    DoHyung Kim (김도형): Undergraduate Research Assistant, 09/09 ~ 06/10 Ph.D. student at Purdue Univ.
    Pierre-Yves Laffont: Intern student from INSA de Lyon, France, 05/09 ~ 08/09 Ph.D. student at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
    Nico Linard: Intern student, France (01/08 ~ 07/08) Mauna Kea Technologies, France