Mailing Lists

If you want to receive any updates on the library, please provide your email address at the Download tab. We can then update recent changes on the library to you. Thanks!


Our library is mainly maintained by SGLab, directed by Prof. Sung-eui Yoon. The following people are main developers:

  • Sung-eui Yoon, SGLab, KAIST

We have received contributions from the following contributors:

  • Dinesh Manocha, UNC


We welcome your contributions to our opensource projects.

The following papers/projects are based on our work:

Also, following extentions are useful to the project, but are not developed yet. You can contribute alont these directions:
  • Dynamic cases: the current method runs slowly, and is not good for handling dynamic cases. We may need a dedicated technique for such dynamic cases.
Before contributing to the project, please go over the following items:
  • All source code files must have a BSD license at the top of each file plus the names of the authors. Also, the code should contain doxygen-style documentation, so that the API documentation can be automatically generated.
  • Please have your local clone with your own branch. Once it is ready, please send us a "pull" request. We will then go over it and merge it. If necessary, we may give some comments to your codes.
  • We will list your name at the above section of "Developers"