Information on researching at Korea as foreigners

Information for Visitors

we do not maintain visitor lists here any more. See the visitor list located at the end of Prof. Yoon's CV.

Visitors at 2011

Name From Visit date
SungGil Lee SungKyunKwan Univ. June-10, 2011
SungHee Lee GIST June-3, 2011

Visitors at 2010

Name From Visit date
Rui Wang UMass Amherst. Dec-20, 2010
Toshiya Hachisuka UCSD Dec-13, 2010
Jung-Mo Hong Dong-Guk Univ. Sep-1, 2010
Eon-Il Jang Zerodin Games May-11, 2010

Visitors at 2009

Name From Visit date
Steve Marschner Cornell Univ. Oct-5 ~ Oct-6, 2009
Hyeong-Seok Ko SNU Sep-21, 2009
Bong-Soo Sohn Chung-Ang Univ. June-24, 2009
Kim, JinWook KIST Jan-29, 2009

Visitors at 2008

Name From Visit date
JuHang Lee ETRI Nov-4, 2008
Nelson Max Univ. of California at Davis Sep-18 ~ Sep-19, 2008
Dinesh Manocha Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Sep-1, 2008
Sang-Il Park Sejong Univ. Apr-28, 2008
JeHee Lee Seoul National Univ. Mar-3, 2008

Visitors at 2007

Name From Visit date
YoungJun Kim Ewha Univ. Sep-23, 2007