Finding collisions between two objects or within an object is one of the fundamental techniques in many applications including computer graphics, physically based simulation, robotics, games. Collision detection methods can be classified into two categories: discrete collision detection (DCD) and continuous collision detection (CCD). The key difference of two approaches is that DCD considers collisions only at discrete time steps, but CCD considers a continuous motion of moving and deforming objects between two time steps. Therefore, CCD does not miss any collision during the motion between two time steps.

OpenCCD is a library to find collisions between two objects or within an object and provides general collision detection API for different applications.

Please refer to the documentation for details regarding the API and the contents of the distribution.

* Features :

  • Support arbitrarily deforming and moving objects.
  • Identify inter-collisions between two (or multiple) objects and self-collisions within an object
  • Support an arbitrary mesh and even polygon soup.

* Notifications :

  • We will also distribute a parallel version of our parallel continuous collision detection method later.
  • Current version does not include various culling methods accelerating the performance of CCD.

* Notes :

  • The functions whose name contains 'visualize' only can be used with openGL environment.
  • To see collided primitives in openGL scene, you should compile the code with definition 'SHOW_COLLIDE_TRIANGLES'. Then, the collided primitives will be shown in red color.

* System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows

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