• Our lab attended KSC 17 held at Busan, Dec.

  • Prof. Yoon visited UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University for research collaboration, Dec. 2017

  • On Nov-23, DongHyuk and Inkyu successfully finished their proposal and defense talks. Also, Woobin finished his MS proposal.

  • Prof. Yoon visited Dept. of CS, UC-Irvine, and gave a talk on our research and SWs. (Oct., 2017)

  • Prof. Yoon had lunch with students who worked hard for CS380.

  • Myungbae presented his work on distributed out-of-core rendering at HPG 2017.

  • 연구실에서 고속고출력 로봇개발 1차년도 워크샵에 참여하였습니다.

  • Our paper, DDK-RRT: A Data Driven Kinodynamic RRT for continuous kinodynamic planning with complex dynamics received the best paper award at International Conference on Advanced Robotics(ICAR), 2017 (Received the best paper award in robotic planning)

  • 금일(7월 7일 금요일) 베스타에서 점심을 먹었습니다. 용선, 태형 KCC에서 받은 상금으로 사주셨습니다.

  • KAIST is selected within top-20 schools in terms of computer graphics according to a recent Eurographics article. Thanks for all of your hard work and efforts put on conducting research. What we are teaching in intro to computer graphics

  • News: Our lap has retreat from KCC 2017 held at Jeju island.

  • 전산과 근처에서 거위/오리와의 조우

  • Prof. Yoon had two classes in the spring semester of 2017. This picture is taken from one of them (motion planning course).

  • 민철군이 석사 디펜스를 진행하였습니다 (2017, 6월)

  • 인규/용선군과 교수님이 싱가폴에서 열린 ICRA 2017에 참가하였습니다. 용선군이 workshop 논문을 발표하였습니다.

  • 선박해양플랜트 연구소에 계신 손남선 박사가 연구실을 방문하여 무인선 연구에 대한 세미나를 진행하였습니다

  • 5월 13일에 연구실 홈커밍데이 행사를 하였습니다. 이가연/문보창 선배님이 재미난 톡을 해주셨고, 뒷풀이로 스트라이크존에서 야구 게임도 하였습니다.

  • Yongsun and Taeyoung participated in sw and demo competition held at KCC 17. YS won the competition, and TY's work is placed at the 3rd positions. Congratulations. YS also received an intern opportunity at MSRA

  • Yongsun and Taeyoung participated in sw and demo competition held at KCC 17. YS won the competition, and TY's work is placed at the 3rd positions. Congratulations. YS also received an intern opportunity at MSRA

  • 연구실에서 진행하는 이미지 검색 및 로보틱스 분야 내용이 전자신문 인공지능 기획기사에 실렸습니다: AI news

  • 교수님이 초등학교 교실에 방문하여, 연구실 관련 연구 얘기를 하였습니다.

  • Our lab retreated to the KyoRyung mountain; a little bit of walking, followed by a heavy lunch. :-)

  • Sung-eui visited GIST with an invitation from Prof. Moon, an alumnus of our lab. We took a picture together with students of Prof. Moon. As a result, the picture contains three generations. :-)

  • TaeYoung gave his talk at WACV 17, held at Santa Rosa, USA.

  • 연구실 졸업생 (2015) 허재필 박사가 성균관대 조교수로 3월에 임용되었습니다. 허박사는 대용량 이미지 검색을 위한 이미지 표현자 압축 및 검색 기술을 연구하였고, Adobe 인턴 및 ETRI 연구원을 역임하였습니다. 허재필박사의 연구 내용은 아래 홈페이지에서 정리되어 있습니다. 학부 소개자료는 아래에 있습니다.

  • A new student, JaeYoon Kim, joined our lab, and we had a dinner welcoming him right after our research review workshop: Wish the best for him!

  • 영기, 인규, 태영군이 IPIU에 참가를 하였고, 영기/인규군의 논문을 발표하였습니다.

  • We had SIX graduates in the year of 2016. Among them, three students were able to attend the graduation ceremony held at Feb., 2017.

  • JaeHyeong and Taeyoung received a Samsung HumanTech award on their research work, which is based on JH's MS thesis.

  • YoungGi received an award on his IPIU paper.

  • Pio got a job at his home country. Before he leaves, he treated us.

  • Prof. Cho (POSTECH) visited our lab and gave a talk on his work.

  • InKyu gave his poster presentation at KROS.

  • 연구실의 로봇팀이 차세대 휴보 개발에 참여하게 되었습니다. (아틀라스 로봇 능가하는 휴머노이드 만든다)

  • 연구실 졸업생인 이정환 박사님께서 결혼소식을 전해주셨습니다 (1월 13일)

  • TAs, awardee of Image Search course got together and enjoyed lunch (Jan)

  • 2016

  • Our lab had a retreat to DaeDunSan(대둔산) (Dec)

  • 2016/12/22: We had a farewell lunch for Wlady, who will return back to TU-Berlin.

  • Prof. Yoon gave the image search course in this fall semester.

  • Starting December 2016, We will be working with HUBO lab in Kaist. We will be working on motion planning side of the project.

  • We successfully finished our ADD project that we have worked on many years. Thanks for all the participants!

  • Pio successfully defended his thesis. He will become Dr. Claudio soon. Congratulations!

  • It's fall. A photo near our department around November.

  • One of our co-authors, Dr. SeokHoon Kim, recently move to Qualcomm San Diego after his 6 year long work at SamSung. He has been working GPU and worked together w/ Prof. Yoon on the subdivision: TVLSI_2011.pdf

  • On Oct-21, 2016, we had a short retreat to the Yurim park near KAIST.

  • On Oct-13, 2016, Hyuncheol gave a talk at IROS 16 and had dinner together with us.

  • 문보창 박가 광주과기원 GIST 조교수 임용
    전산학부 문보창 박사(지도교수: 윤성의)가 2016, 9월 부로 광주과기원 (GIST) 에 조교수로 임용되었습니다. 문박사는 전산과 석/박사를 마치고, Disney Research 에서 포스닥을 진행하였습니다. 그래픽스 최고학회인 SIGGRAPH에서 고화질 연구 분야로 많은 논문을 발표하였으며, 문박사의 연구논문은 아래 홈페이지에서 찾으실수 있습니다.

  • On Aug-30, 2016, our school had a retirement ceremony for Prof. Whang, ACM/IEEE Fellow, and a distinguished prof. at KAIST. I have prepared the ceremony with other staff members (Mr. SeoSik Shin and Mr. DaeJong Kim). It required lots of communications and efforts, but I was very happy to see that the event turns out well. Prof. Whang will continue his academic career at DGIST, another science research oriented school like KAIST.

  • WoongJik treated us for his graduation and leaving. He will join Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, located at Seoul.

  • Our alumnus, Dr. Moon, presented a siggraph paper based on our prior work on the image based filtering. He will join GIST starting from Sep. as an assistant professor. Wish the best for him!

  • Dr. Duksu Kim and Prof. Yoon attended the Korean Night held at SIGGRAPH.

  • Our lab had a home coming day at July-9, 2016. Dr. Kim (KISTI) gave a talk on his recent work and advice on how to graduate well. :-)

  • Our lab attended KCC 16 and had a short retreat nearby the ICC (the conf. venue)

  • Our lab had a demo session explaining our recent open source projects.

  • Dr. Heo (ETRI) gave a poster presentation about his work on image search at CVPR.

  • We had lab and alumni dinner at CVPR.

  • Prof. Yoon w/ Dr. Lin (Adobe) gave a tutorial on image search at CVPR 16 (June). Its material is at:

  • Prof. Yoon visited Google and gave a talk on image search. He also tried out the autonomous vehicle demo, but unfortunately, it was not working well this time. :-)

  • Prof. Yoon visited Pixar before attending CVPR and gave a talk on scalable graphics technique. This talk was very well attended, since beating the complexity is one of main challenges in Pixar.

  • DongHyuk and Prof. Yoon attended RSS 16 held at Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor. DongHyuk presented a talk at a motion planning workshop.

  • This is a picture we took together at the end of CS580 (computer graphics course).

  • YongSun gave a talk on super ray at ICRA 2016.

  • Dr. Bochang Moon visited our lab before he give his job interview at a univ.
    Wish the best for him!

  • We had a short, spring trip to the mountain. MinCheol turns out to be an expert on the stone skipping!

  • Prof. Yoon presented our collaboration project with Boeing to CTO of the Boeing company at Apr. The picture is taken with other PIs at KAIST and top managers at Boeing.

  • Dr. Pierre-Yves Laffont visited our lab and gave a talk on this research. He was an exchange student at KAIST and did an internship around 2008. We wish that he has a great career and we meet again at a conf. later!

  • In this spring semester, we got a new graduate student, YoungKi Kwon (권영기). We had a welcome party for him.

  • 2월 졸업식에 창민군과 현철군이 졸업을 하였습니다. 태영, 용선군도 석사 졸업을 하였지만, 박사과정으로 진학을 해서 졸업 느낌은 갖지 못했다고 하네요. :-) 그래도 모두 축하드립니다!!

  • Our rendering research was featured as in KAIST Breakthroughs, research newsletter from College of Engineering. Its original source is here

  • YoonSeok gave a poster presentation at IPIU 16, and received a student paper award (우수학생논문상).

  • We had MT after finishing our talks at HCI (HighOne, KangWon Land), Jan.

  • Prof. SeokHee Hong, University of Sydney, visited our lab and gave a talk on her research, visual analytics on graphs. Also, Benjamin Renoust, a post. doc. at National Institute of Informatics, gave a talk on Network Visual Analytics for News Exploration at Jan., 2016

  • A research work conducted by TaeYoung Kim and JaeHyeong Cho received an award in the field of Computer Science and Engineering given by 22nd Humantech Paper Award, Samsung Elec.
    김태영/조재형군이 진행한 연구가 2016년 삼성 휴먼테크 장려상을 수상했습니다.

  • We give a tutorial on our open source projects at Korea HCI, Jan, 2016. Its slides are at:

  • Mr. MinCheul Kang and Mr. DongHyuk Kim presented two posters at a domestic robotics conference (KRoC), Jan, 2016

  • 2015

  • We had year end's party at a dim sum restaurant, Dec. 2015

  • YongSun Kwon, TaeYoung Kim, and HyeonCheol Yang gave their MS thesis defense well. HC treated us well and we celebrate his hiring at a national security lab. (Dec., 2015)

  • Our dept. has a dept. introduction to freshmen at Nov. Prof. Yoon contributed to organize the event as the student committee chair. BTW, the number of students who declared CS as their major is 117, which is a record high for the CS Dept.

  • Prof. Yoon gave two courses in this fall semester (F15).

  • NHN Next 손영수 교수님이 최근의 오픈소스 트렌드에 대해서 강의를 해주셨습니다. (2015, 11월)

  • Prof. Yoon attended working group meeting for founding AsiaGraphics association held at Tsinghua univ, at Nov, 2015 We wish that it leads to positive impacts to Asian graphics community and broadly to other international communities.

  • Prof. Jia Pan, our academic uncle, visited our lab. and gave a talk on his robotics research. He recently moved to City University of Hong Kong.

  • Prof. Yoon attended Shonan meeting on Big Data Visual Analytics held at Japan on Nov. We discussed lots of things on future visualization problems, especially on streaming data.

  • Prof. Jyh-Ming Lien, George Mason Univ., USA, visited our lab and gave his talk on shepherding. After the talk, we take a walk to YuRim Park to enjoy mum flowers.

    Lien교수님으로부터 양치기기술에 관한 경로 생성기법 세미나를 듣고, 학교 근처에 있는 유림공원에 방문하여, 국화축제를 구경하였습니다.

  • Our CS dept has been promoted to School of Computing (SoC) since this March. To celebrate this, we had a mountain hiking trip followed by a barbecue party today with many students from various programs of our SoC. Prof. Yoon participated in the event as the student representative committee chair.
    P.S., KAIST is located somewhere in the landscape picture.

  • David Kasik, ACM Fellow and Boeing Senior Technical Fellow, visited our lab and gave the dept. colloquium talk at Sept. 14, 2015

  • A picture taken at Lotte hotel toward the KAIST, Sept. 2015

  • Our early work on ray tracing received "Test-Of-Time 2006 Award" at High-Performance Graphics, 2015:

    RT-DEFORM: Interactive Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes using BVHs Christian Lauterbach, Sung-eui Yoon, David Tuft, Dinesh Manocha

    This work proposed bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) for ray tracing dynamic models. BVHs are commonly used now as an acceleration data structure for ray tracing using CPUs or GPUs. This concept has been adopted by recent interactive ray tracing kernels such as Optix and Embree.

    It received 149 citations as of 2015.

    윤성의 교수가 참여한 아래 논문이 고성능 그래픽스 국제학회 (High-Performance Graphics)에서 올해 2015년에 선정한 "Test-Of-Time 2006 Award"를 수상하였습니다.

    RT-DEFORM: Interactive Ray Tracing of Dynamic Scenes using BVHs Christian Lauterbach, Sung-eui Yoon, David Tuft, Dinesh Manocha IEEE Symp. on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2006

    이 연구는 고화질 렌더링에 사용되는 광선추적기술(ray tracing)의 가속화 자료구조로 기존에 많이 쓰이는 kd-tree가 아닌 bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs)를 제안하였다. 기존의 kd-tree는 정적 모델에 주로 최적화된 자료구조이나, BVH를 이용하여 게임/영화에 흔히 사용되는 동적 모델도 효과적으로 다룰수 있는 기술적 토대를 제공하였다. 기술을 개발한지 약 10년이 지난 현재, 제안한 BVH는 광선추적기법에서 흔히 사용하는 가속화 자료구조로 인식이 되고 있고, CPU 및 GPU 기반 기술에서도 널리 사용되고 있다. 또한 최근에 개발되고 있는 고성능 광선추적엔진 (Intel의 Embree 및 Nvidia의 Optix)에서도 차용되어 널리 사용되고 있다.

    2015 현재 이 논문은 149회의 인용을 받고 있다.

  • Prof. Yoon gave a siggraph tutorial on denoising for MC rendering;

  • We had our lab's alumni dinner at SIGGRAPH. Dr. TaeJoon Kim and Dr. Bochang Moon joined. 시그래프에서 연구실 졸업생 저녁 모임이 있었습니다. 다른 학회에서도 많이 모일수 있으면 좋겠습니다.

  • Dr. Bochang Moon gave two siggraph talks in this year. These works are based on weighted local regression and its application to MC rendering.

  • We had a demo session at KCC this year. Our demo received an award. 우리 데모가 우수 데모 작품상을 수상하였습니다. 감사합니다.

  • ChangMin and Peng treated us good lunch. ChangMin will do a start up, and Peng will return back to his home institution after about 1 and half year post. doc. here at our lab.

    Also, Peng's proposal submission to National Natural Science Foundation of China has been accepted.

  • We participated in SWRC forum, a forum of SW Starlabs, at July.

  • We attended RSS 15, a CS oriented robotics conf., held at Rome (July).

  • We attended KCC 15, held at Jeju. We gave a demo session at KCC and visited some places at Jeju. Our SWs shown in the demo session are available at our SW homepage.

  • ChangMin gave his MS defense talk well!

  • Prof. Choi (최명걸) visited our lab on June and gave his talk.

  • Prof. Yoon becomes an associate editor of a journal of "Graphical Models".

  • 홈커밍데이를 가졌습니다. 졸업생 이정환박사님께서 재미나고, 유익한 강연을 해주셨습니다.

  • TaeYoung, YongSun, and HyunCheol give their poster presentations at KROC 15.

  • Prof. Frank Park (박종우), SNU, gave a talk on his research on motion planning. Prof. Park is the EIC of IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

  • We had dinner together to celebrate our recent proposal acceptance on the StarLab project (SW 스타랩).

  • Prof. Yoon gave a talk on computer science and his research area to first grade students at Euen primary school. 어은초 1학년 4반 학생들에게 연구소개를 하였습니다. 1학년 학생들이 생각보다 많이 알고 있어서, 상당히 놀랐습니다.

  • Our lab. has seven graduates in this year including three Ph.D. students. Dr. JungHwan Lee received one of best thesis awards at our Dept.

  • Prof. Yoon treated lab members and professors at our dept., to celebrate his promotion to a tenured professor.

  • Pio gave his proposal successfully.

  • Our lab has been chosen as a target lab to LG. Thanks to this, a few researchers visited our lab and treated us with nice lunch for long-term collaboration and future recruiting to LG.

  • On Jan, we had welcome party for Mr. DaeChul Park (박대철), who is an undergraduate student for the URP project related to image search and blackbox camera. We also say good bye to two students, MingYang (MS graduate student) and ByungYoon Choi (최병윤, an undergraduate intern student). We wish the best for their career and life!

  • Changmin received Best Paper Award at Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (IPIU) 2015. (Paper)

  • 2014

  • At 2014, Pio, Bochang, and GaYeon got married.

  • Jae-Pil Heo had interview with our dept. and shared his experience with CS. Korean interview is at: Its English version is available by clicking "English" item in the above link.

  • 기말고사를 끝내고, 2014, 12월에 휘닉스파크에서 열린 정보과학회 동계학술대회에 참여하였습니다. 현철군이 준비를 많이 해주었습니다. We attended the winter workshop of KIISE at Dec., 2014 The picture is taken by Mr. WoongJik Yoon.

  • Our lab has 4 MS graduates this semesters. All of them successfully gave their MS defense talks.

  • Prof. Yoon gave two lectures in this fall semester: CS206 (Data structure) and CS688 (Image search). Here are pictures with students. 윤교수님께서 이번 가을학기에는 자료구조 및 이미지 검색 수업을 강의하셨습니다.

  • We try to play table tennis regularly on Fri. to maintain our health. Fortunately, our CS Dept. has a dedicated room for the table tennis.

  • JaePil Heo gave the Ph.D. defense successfully at Nov.

  • Prof. Yoon as a part of KAIST team visited Beijing to recruit Chinese top students for KAIST. These Chinese students plan to apply for scholarship from Chinese Scholarship Council.

  • We have a new project with Hancom company. This project is about image search. This project is a part of KAIST-Hancom center. [PDF]. 한글과컴퓨터 회사와 이미지 검색 기술에 관하여 산학 과제를 시작하였습니다. 이 과제는 KAIST-한컴 센터의 일환으로 진행이 될 예정입니다.

  • Prof. Yoon served as a session chair for PG 14, which turned out to be a great event held at Ewha univ., Seoul.

  • Prof. John Keyser visited our lab and give talk on controlling simulations.

  • We stared a new project with Boeing Company, USA. In this project, we will develop techniques to visualize complex structures of CAD models. 미국 보잉사와 산학과제를 8월부터 시작하게 되었습니다. 본 과제는 2년에 걸쳐 복잡한 CAD model을 가시화하는 기술을 연구/개발할 예정입니다.

  • Dr. Bochang Moon gave a talk (as a SIGGRAPH talk) on his recent work at SIGGRAPH 14. This paper was published at ACM ToG and will be presented at the next year.

  • Prof. Yoon gave a tutorial on image search and classification, which is held at Machine Learning school, 14.

  • Junghwan, Duksu, and Bochang treated lab members for celebrating their graduation at "연래춘".

  • We took summer MT and attended KCGS in Byeonsan.

  • Bochang received Significant New Researcher Award at Korea Computer Graphics Society (KCGS) 2014. Slide

  • JaePil gave a poster presentation at CVPR on his recent work:

    허재필 박사과정 학생이 CVPR에서 논문을 발표하였습니다.

  • Duksu gave a talk at HPG.

  • Prof. Yoon organized a tutorial on motion planning for Korean Robotics Society. The tutorial has been well received with many audience. The tutorial information is available at:

  • Donghyuk gave a poster presentation at KROS on his ICRA work: Cloud RRT star

  • Prof. Yoon gave two lectures in this spring semester: CS101 (Intro. to Programming) and CS380 (Computer Graphics). Here are pictures with students.

  • Junghwan gave a talk at ICRA.

  • Our research results on heterogeneous parallle computing were chosen and discussed at the 2013 KAIST annual report. 연구실에서 개발된 연구결과 중 이종병렬 처리 기술이 2013 KAIST research highlight로 선정되었고, 이에 대한 간략한 소개가 "2013년을 빛낸 연구성과" 책자에 소개 되었습니다.

  • Donghyuk gave a talk at ICRA, the biggest robotics conference.

  • On May 23rd, we had a great Homecoming day together with Prof. Yoon. During the day, we saw old friends, and they talked together about those years in school and their life now.

  • We successfully gave the final review talk for the Lego simulation project, which we have worked on during last three years.

  • A picture with Dr. Peng Du, Prof. Yoon, and Mr. YongSun Kwon at CongDu on May 14th, 2014.

  • On May 14th,in the restaurant of '꽁뚜' , our SGLab mates celebrated Teacher's Day (스승의 날) for Prof. Yoon in token of our affection and gratitude.

  • Prof. Yoon gave a talk on scalable graphics algorithms at Big Data Workshop (2014) held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • We had a short retreat to a nearby national park to enjoy the spring.

  • A picture at the San Francisco airport.

  • Duksu and Myung-Bae presented two of our TVCG papers at ACM I3D on March.

  • Dr. Lee (이원종 박사, SAIT) gave a talk on architecture for mobile ray tracing.

  • We attended Korea HCI 14 held at High1 resort, KangWon

  • 2013

  • Prof. Yoon taught two courses in this fall semester: motion planning (graduate level) and data structure (undergraduate level).

  • We had a short tour on HongKong area after giving a talk.

  • Soomin gave her talk at CAD/Graphics 13, HongKong, Nov. 2013
    수민양이 CAD/Graphics 학회에서 논문을 발표했습니다.

  • We attended IROS13 conf. at Nov, 2013, and gave a talk on our recent hashing technique.
    IROS13에 참여하였고, 개발한 해슁기술을 경로생성에 적용한 연구를 발표하였습니다.

  • We had a short retreat to a nearby national park to enjoy the fall.
    좋은 정기를 받기 위해 10월에 수통골(계룡산 국립공원)에 잠깐 다녀왔습니다.

  • Some of our research collaboration resulted in gift awards from Adobe.

  • Our TVCG work is chosen as a spotlight paper for Sep. issues of IEEE TVCG.

  • Dr. Song gave a talk on bioinformatics.

  • Mr. Lee received a distinguished MS thesis award from our dept. in Feb.. 이영군이 석사부문 우수논문상을 수상하였습니다.

  • TaeJoon treated all the lab members for appreciating their supports and celebrating his successful defense in May. 김태준 박사 (예정)가 디펜스를 마치고, 축하 저녁을 사셨습니다.

  • Our image retrieval team will participate in the Exobrain project, which can help human to choose better options. We will mainly work on understanding visual information in the project. 연구실의 이미지 검색팀이 엑소브레인과제에 참여하게 되었습니다. 엑소브레인 과제는 인간의 의사결정을 도와줄수 있는 인공지능 기반 시스템으로, 이미지 검색팀은 다양한 비쥬얼 기반 정보를 분석하고 의미를 추출하는 기술 개발할 예정입니다. 엑소브레인은 인간 두뇌를 외부로 확장한 '몸 바깥의 인공두뇌'를 의미합니다.[PDF].

  • A picture taken in our homecoming day, May, 2013. 2013 홈커밍데이에 찍은 사진입니다

  • Our lab hosted a ERC (공학연구센터) workshop on May-2, 2013.

  • The picture of our lab members (Apr.)

  • Prof. Miguel Otaduy visited our lab and gave a talk on his recent research on contact handling, haptics, and simulation (Apr-16).

  • Prof. WonKi Jeong (정원기) visited our lab and gave talk on his recent work.

  • Prof. Yoon and Prof. M. Gopi served paper co-chairs for ACM Symp. on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 13, held on March.

  • Four MS students, Lin, Osung, Hyoseob, and Youngwoon, graduated from our lab at Feb.

  • We had a farewell dinner for our staff member, YoungHyun, who has served over two years for our lab. We also welcomed two new students, SooMin and MyungBae.

  • Prof. Yoon is elevated to IEEE senior member. About 8% of over 40 thousands of IEEE members has the senior membership.

  • 2012

  • Youngwoon Lee gave his talk on Quadra-Embedding at ACCV 2012.

  • The KAIST self-driving car team participated in Korea Autonomous Vehicle Competition, Sep., 2012. Students working on motion planning and collision detection in our lab participated in the team together.

  • Prof. Sung-eui Yoon gave a talk with Min Tang at SIGGRAPH 2012. This talk is about VolCCD.

  • We took summer MT and attended KCGS in Jeju.

  • Jae-Pil Heo gave his poster presentation at CVPR 2012

  • Junghwan gave his talk at icra 2012.

  • Prof. Sung-eui Yoon organized and give a tutorial talk on proximity computation at Eurographics 2012.

  • Prof. Yoon served as conf. co-chair with M. Gopi for ACM Symp. on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D).

  • Rendering Project Kick-off Meeting.

  • Happy New Year.

  • 2011

  • Our project funded by NRF (National Research Foundation) is chosen as one of 100 representative research projects of South Korea.

  • KyungA Kim, Undergraduate Research Assistant, received Samsung Scholarship for her foreign advanced study.
    It will cover her MS/Ph.D tuition and monthly stipend.

  • Our project funded by NRF (National Research Foundation) is chosen as one of 50 NRF representative research in 2010.

  • Youngwoon received a scholarship from KFAS(Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies) for his MS. and Ph.D.

  • Bochang Moon presented a talk on Cache-Oblivious Ray Reordering at SIGGRAPH 2011, held from Aug. 7 to Aug. 11 in Vancouver.

  • From July 6 to 8, we took summer MT and attended KCGS in Yangyang Solbeach.

  • At April, Bochang got an summer intern offer from Adobe, USA.

    Also, Duksu got an intern offer from AMD, USA.

  • Two new students, YoungWoon Lee and Hyoseob Park, joined our lab on Mar-08, 2011.

  • Kunho, Jongun, Pio, and JaePil graduated with M.S. degree at Feb., 2011. Kunho and Jongyun joined the DigitalAria for the military server, while others continute to study for Ph.D. degree.

  • 2008-2010