• Tentative schedule with invited speakers, who were already confirmed their participations:

    8:30 Overview of the workshop
    Sung-eui Yoon
    Associate professor at KAIST, South Korea
    8:50 Factor graphs for SLAM with visual and acoustic sensors
    Frank Dellaert
    Professor, Georgia Tech., USA
    9:10 Direct and inverse sound propagation methods
    Dinesh Manocha
    Professor, Univ. of Maryland at College Park, USA
    Talk side
    9:30 Poster Highlight Presentation
    10:00 Afternoon Tea and Poster Presentation
    10:30 Ray tracing based Sound Source Localization
    Sung-eui Yoon
    Associate professor, KAIST, South Korea
    Talk side
    10:50 Deep learning for robust audio perception in human-robot interactions
    Jean-Marc Odobez
    Senior Researcher at the Idiap research institute and EPFL, Switzerland
    Talk side
    11:10 How can audio-motor binaural localization be made “active”?
    Patrick Danes
    Professor at Université de Toulouse and LAAS-CNRS, France
    Talk side
    11:30 Robot-Human Interaction based on Sound Source Localization
    Hiroshi G. Okuno
    Professor, Waseda Univ., Japan
    11:50 From Robot Audition to Drone Audition
    Kazuhiro Nakadai
    Principal research at Honda Research Institute, and Prof. at Tokyo Institute of Tech., Japan
    Talk side
    12:10 How can we quickly find an underwater acoustic source with a single mobile hydrophone?
    Mandar Chitre
    Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Talk side
    12:30 Closing